operation spitfire

Saturday 15 October

The Flaxman Film Theatre, College Road

Operation Spitfire is a project with some challenging objectives. Thanks to public donations, work has started on the first phase of restoring and preserving the MKXVI Spitfire housed in the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery.  A replica Spitfire cockpit, is also being worked on by Mark Harris of Supermarine Engineering, to illustrate engineering processes. The Flaxman Foyer exhibition space will play host to the cockpit section of the Spitfire fuselage, the wing section of a Lego Spitfire and a paper sculpture which is accompanied by the artist Suhail Shaikh. The event is also a chance to find out more about the progress of Operation Spitfire and the work to celebrate this feat of engineering by engineering firm KMF and schools and colleges.

Emeritus Professor Ray Johnson will give two illustrated talks in the Flaxman Film Theatre to celebrate the engineering legacy of Reginald Mitchell, the Stoke-on-Trent born inventor of the Spitfire which undertook its maiden flight 80 years ago.



The Spitfire – in Mitchell’s own words

Featuring rare film footage of the Spitfire’s maiden flight and the climatic Battle of Britain.



Suhail Shaikh – Paper My Wings

A talk by artist Suhail who spent 640 hours constructing a Spitfire from paper.

“I made a silent promise to myself 27 years ago that I would build a 'big-one' some day. Smaller models, due to their size, give the impression that one is standing far away from the real thing. Bigger ones however give a sensation of proximity, fuelling an excitement of being closer to the real thing, with more possibility for detail and simply being able to run the eye up-close along it's straights and curves.”



Operation Spitfire: inspiring engineers of the future

An insightful talk on modern day activity to celebrate the Spitfire in schools and colleges and in virtual design using the latest technologies